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Are AI Robots the Future of Construction?

August 15, 2018

Autodesk's BrickBot has learned to build and adapt to their environment using Lego models.

Construction Opioid Awareness Week

August 1, 2018

At Magellan, we are committed to the livelihood and safety of our employees and colleagues in construction. Join us in raising awareness of the dangers of opioid abuse, both in the industry and our communities.

Amid Labor Shortages, Millenials Respond to the Construction Economy

July 12, 2018

​According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, undergraduate college programs relating to construction, in both trade and management paths, has grown by the second-largest percentage increase amid all majors in enrollments this spring.

Are Drones the Future for Construction?

June 6, 2018

No longer just for ambitious photographers and tech junkies, drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are taking the construction industry by storm.

Construction Jobs Continue to Rise Despite Setbacks

May 16, 2018

Despite a few setbacks, the number of construction jobs continue to rise post-recession.

Specialty: Plasma Centers

May 9, 2018

Having serviced several plasma centers over the years, we pride ourselves in our ability to work with plasma donation centers to effectively create functional facilities that will inevitably save lives.

Magellan Partners with DLS Energy

May 1, 2018

In Magellan's efforts to provide solutions and serve clients from all industries, we've partnered up with DLS Energy.

Celebrating Women in Construction

April 11, 2018

At Magellan, we're proud of our team. We're proud that we can boast the inclusion of women and what they bring to our table and the industry's table. Females are breaking the mold, setting the tone for higher standards of service.

Magellan Construction's Corporate Offices are Renovated


Magellan Construction has expanded and completed its renovation of headquarters in Lafayette, LA.

Magellan Completes Jimmy Johns

March 3, 2016

Magellan Construction has completed its tenant buildout project for Jimmy John's on Ambassador Caffery in Lafayette, Louisiana.