Construction Opioid Awareness Week

August 1, 2018

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives unanimously represented House Resolution 981, declaring the last full week of July as Construction Opioid Awareness Week. 

Due to the industry's aging workforce, physically demanding nature of the job, and the higher risk of workplace injuries, the construction industry has been found to be particularly susceptible to the nation's opioid crisis. In 2016, opioids were responsible for 64,000 deaths in the United States. More than 115 people die every day from overdoses resulting from opioid addiction.Several associations and labor forces are coming together to bring awareness of the problem in an attempt to educate the population in hopes of eventually changing the statistics.

At Magellan, we are committed to the livelihood and safety of our employees and colleagues in construction. Join us in raising awareness of the dangers of opioid abuse, both in the industry and our communities.